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"You guys are insane! I love it!"
-Tory Belleci (Mythbusters)

...the most amazing thing ever in the history of show business...
The houston Chronicle

"Every year I have a huge Halloween Bash that features some of the coolest acts I can muster up and each year Amber and Ryan deliver the goods in spades. They always steal the show. The faces of the audience members watching says it all!"
Amazing Johnathan

"...not since christians were fed to the lions has there been a show this dangerous!"
Jim Rose (jim rose circus)

"...a prime example of what crazy people do in there spare time."
Steve Harvey

"Ryan Stock and AmberLynn are off the fu**ing hook!"
Sid Haig (Captain Spalding)

"...Freak culture turned pop culture..."
Zed TV

"I think you made my penis soft!"
Johnny Fairplay (survivor)

"I've never seen a more reckless disregard for the human body,
you guys are doing God's work!!"
The Amazing Mr. Lifto

"Ryan Stock gives an eye opening performance"
OutLook magazine

"They are professional daredevils who push their bodies to the extreme..."
Canada AM

"...The weirdest and wackiest act in the lime light..."
LifeStyle (Edmonton Sun)

"350-plus stunts...designed to shock, impress or gross you out.
And they're always coming up with more - their stunts are impressive if not record breakers"
ED magazine

"Ryan Stock and AmberLynn do things in their everyday lives most people would never
consider doing on even the most outrageous dare."

"In the name of science and adventure, extreme performer Ryan Stock and his partner AmberLynn, push the frontiers of what the human body can endure."
Sci-fi channel

"...the discomfort of watching Stock try to break himself lingers -- much like the welts and bruises on his body."
-Will Wade (commonsensemedia)

"...mind boggling...stunts of extreme pain and endurance"
Careers T.V.

"...much more than a freakshow (they) push the limits of sanity"
- Rick Bronson (Help T.V)


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